About Us

This project has been burning in my heart for years and years and I’m elated that Behind Every Feminist has finally been birthed. I look forward to sharing the work of my family, friends, strangers, tribe members. With enough education and advocacy, we can turn the F-word into something that everyone understands and embraces.

During my undergrad days, I minored in history. Dr. Kimberly Jensen taught courses on Gender Issues that blew my mind. I never knew what I was missing in all those history classes that focused on men and war in high school. I was studying piano and remember the day I stormed into my lesson and practically yelled, “I’m going to play Tori Amos and Scott Joplin in my recital. Not just the work of dead white men.” Poor Dr. Baxter was

Although my Master’s degree was in piano, my house was filled with every feminism book I could find. That is when this project was conceived. Twelve years later, it is finally ready to meet the world. My greatest goal is to provide a platform for everyone’s voice. A platform that highlights all the work being done by women throughout the world.