The genie of my dreams

If I had a genie in a bottle…

she would be female. And patient. And nurturing. She’d be like a coach who would walk beside me as we explore and prioritize all my goals and dreams.

We would conclude that my first wish should be to believe in myself. All those writers and speakers and quotes and memes were on to something.


With a wave of her arm, an incredibly empowering sensation would pour over my body. It would feel like I was standing under a waterfall of validation, affirmation, recognition, permission, and confirmation. It would be an electrifying moment that washed away any doubt and cleared the fog that blocked me from seeing the path in front of me.

“Now that I feel like Superwoman. No, now that I know I’m Superwoman, what’s next?” I ask.

“Well, what does Superwoman do?”

I smiled and we went over my purpose in life, my calling, and my desire to help every woman discover hers as well. I needed to use my voice. I need to believe in my voice.


“So now that I believe in myself and recognize the power of my voice, it seems like the next step is to help every woman discover these things within herself and become her own Superwoman. But this requires money for travel, for summits and meetings and events where women can meet one another and recognize themselves within the hearts and dreams of one another. We need funding for entrepreneurship, education, and coaching.”

And with another graceful wave of her arm, the genie said, “As long as it is used for good, this debit card will not only replenish itself but will continue to grow along with your movement. Welcome to the new and improved 2018. May your wishes change the future, reconcile the past and empower the women of today. May the wind carry this movement around the world and touch the lives women and men, children and elders, politics and religion, education and culture.”


With this dream in mind, I want to announce the upcoming release of a line of CBD & THC products created especially for women. My husband and I own a medical marijuana dispensary in Montana called Herbaceous Inc. We carry a line of CBD and essential oil infused products made by Jeff’s cousin, Kristi, of Therapeutic Naturals LLC. Together, we’re creating Conquer; a line of salves, tinctures, edibles and bath salts intended to acknowledge and address the pain and hormonal imbalances that come every month. Our CBD-infused products have less than .03% THC and are legal to buy and ship in the United States. If you’re one of our medical marijuana patients here in Montana, we’ll provide recommendations for particular strains to help ease your pain and balance your mood.

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