Behind every feminist is passion

Behind every feminist is passion.

My favorite definition of passion from Merriam-Webster is a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. I believe that we’re all passionate about something. Feminists would probably all agree that they’re passionate about equality. Many, many additional branches of stem directly from this base of equality. I believe that my passion for the practice and advocacy of global altruism stems directly from equality, which is directly linked to my definition of feminism. I love to see altruistic feminists in action. I met a new family member yesterday during our Christmas celebration and she gave me a beautiful gift. She told me about her work with noonday and the women she met in Ethiopia who were upcycling artillery. My earrings and necklace were made by women in Guatemala and Vietnam. I love them!

I have to admit that I typically struggle with a lot of the current concepts and practices when it comes to Christmas. I’ve watched my family grow in size and maneuver through the pummeling of consumerism that surrounds this holiday. We make things for one another and donate to causes such as Heifer International on behalf of my grandmother, our beautiful 91-year-old matriarch. It was wonderful to be introduced to noonday as another possibility in the future and I love my gift. Thank you to all the socially responsible businesses out there and all the people who are working to provide sustainable empowerment and equality around the world. Be the change, right?