Behind Every Feminist is a Belief

Behind Every Feminist is a Belief…or a thousand of them. I lived in Boise for the second half of my twenties. My life was piano and feminism. You literally walked into my living room and saw a baby grand and a bookcase overflowing with books that had the ‘F’ word somewhere in the title or subtitle. I also had a bumper sticker that said: FEMINISM IS THE RADICAL NOTION THAT WOMEN ARE PEOPLE. I couldn’t find the bumper sticker, so I bought it online in bulk. I gave them to my closest friends and stuck them on random things as well as very important things like my guitar case. Although I eventually¬†let the bumper sticker on my car go after noticing an interesting spike in attention from the police, the bumper sticker on my guitar case remains steadfast. And the simplicity of this definition is still one of my favorite to describe feminism. As we head into the new year, I hope that the momentum for equality continues and that we all hold on to our fundamental beliefs. Happy New Year, everyone!